About Treatment


We offer a free consultation.  It never costs anything to come in and talk to the doctor and determine how we can help.  We would be honored to meet you!


We will never guess with your health.  We perform a multi-system examination and compare it with x-rays (when indicated) to determine your conditions primary cause.  We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment including digital x-ray imaging, to insure the safest, quickest, highest quality images possible.


Dr. Eagy is well versed in many different techniques of adjusting.  Primarily, Dr. Eagy uses an innovative technique called ‘specific prone’.  This is a low force, non invasive, highly specific adjustment which allows the patient to heal quickly and comfortably.


Dr. Eagy treats many families and is very passionate about treating little ones.  Most people don’t realize that chiropractic care is for the entire family, no matter the age.  When treating babies, the adjustment is extremely soft, gentle and babies usually respond very quickly.  The amount of pressure used during a babies adjustment is comparable with testing the ripeness of a tomato.  Dr. Eagy also treats many pregnant women.  He has been Webster Certified and has been able to help many women achieve a more comfortable pregnancy and a faster, safer delivery.